Delete your Google+ profile

Make sure that you've signed in to the right account before you delete your profile. It looks like you’ve signed out. 

You can delete your Google+ profile at any time by going to, signing in and then following the instructions on the page. If you see an upgrade page, you don't have a Google+ profile.

What will happen after you've deleted your Google+ profile

Deleting your Google+ profile will not affect certain other Google products, such as Search, Gmail and your Google account.

To learn more about what happens when you delete your Google+ profile, visit the downgrade page. You can see the downgrade page without deleting your profile.

Restore a deleted Google+ profile

Deleting your Google+ profile is permanent. To use Google+ again after deleting your profile, you'll need to create a new profile.

Delete your Google account

If you want to stop using all Google products that make you sign in, such as Gmail and Google Wallet, you can delete your Google account.

Uninstall the Google+ Android app

If you're running Marshmallow, and your device manufacturer allows it, you can follow these steps to uninstall apps on your Android device. You can't uninstall the Google+ app on some Android devices, but you can disable it.

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