Get started with Communities

You can connect with others who share the same interests as you have on Google+ Communities.

How communities work

What you can do when you join a community

When you join a Community, you can:

What you can do when you create a community

When you create a community, you can:

Create your own community

You can create your own community.

How communities are different from collections

You can follow a collection or join a community.


  • Communities can have more than one owner and moderator, and other people can join a community.
  • When you're a member of a community, you can post to the community. Members of the community may see your posts in their home stream.


  • One person creates a collection and only that person can post to their collection.
  • You can follow someone else's collection to see what they share, but you can't share posts to someone else's collection.


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