Use accessibility features in Google+

Google+ has accessibility features that make it easier to use.

Android app

You can turn on accessibility features, including TalkBack and BrailleBack, to use with the Google+ app.

When you have TalkBack turned on, you:

  • Have a more intuitive stream navigation with previous and next post buttons.
  • Can double-tap a post or use the local context menu directly in the stream to +1, share, and view it or to comment on it.
  • Can get more content in "full post" view by scrolling down.

Mobile browser

On a mobile browser, you can:

  • Use ARIA-landmarks to navigate and find key-sections.
  • Use HTML headings to navigate posts, comments, Communities, and settings using a screen reader.

Tip: Set your layout to single column to make it easier to navigate through your home stream.

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