Find and connect with people on Google+

You can find and follow people on Google+ using your own connections. Suggestions could be generated by:

  • Your mutual connections with people on products such as Gmail
  • Interactions that you've had with others on other products
  • The connected accounts that you've linked to your Google Account
  • Friends on external sites, when those friends have connected their accounts to their Google+ profile

Find, view or follow someone

You can find and see someone's posts in your home stream by following them.

  1. On your computer, open Google+.
  2. On the left, click People People and then Find people.
  3. Open the profile of the person you want to follow. You can also search for their name, or click their photo next to a comment or post that they've made.
  4. Click Follow.

Unfollow someone

  1. On your computer, open Google+.
  2. Open the profile of the person who you want to unfollow. You can search for their name, or click their photo next to one of their comments or posts.
  3. Click Following (or the name of the circle that they’re in).
  4. Untick the 'Following' box.
  5. Click Done.

Comment on a post

You can comment on your own posts or posts that other people share. You can enter text, insert images or place a link in your comments. Links appear with previews.

Add a comment to a post

  1. Open Google+.
  2. Click the post that you want to comment on.
  3. Click Add a comment.
  4. Add your comment:
    • To insert an image: Click Add photos Take photo.
    • To insert a link: Click Add link Link. When you add a link, a preview will appear, if available.
    • To insert a link with a preview: Click the thumbnail that you want to display with the link.
  5. Click Post.


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