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With Google+, you can share links, videos, pictures, and other content with people who share your interests. And you can see what other people have shared in your stream.

You can always choose who you share with. 

  • Use Collections to see and share posts based on topics you’re interested in. 
  • Use Communities to have conversations with other people who share your interests.
  • Use your home stream to see posts based on your interests and what you follow.
Your stream

In your stream, you can see posts that other people have shared. From your stream, you can +1, comment on, or reshare something you see.  

To choose what shows up in your stream, follow people, Collections, and Communities that post things you want to see. 


You can share links, videos, pictures, and writing on Google+ by sharing posts.

Your posts may show up in other people's streams if they are following you, your Collections, or the Community you shared it to.

Posts you share may also be recommended to other users who aren't following you.

You choose who to share with on Google+. When you share a post, you can pick a Community, a Collection, or specific people to share that post with, or you can share publicly.

Connecting with people

Connecting with people on Google+ lets you choose what you see in your stream.

When you follow someone on Google+, anything they post publicly may appear in your home stream, and you may automatically follow some of their Collections.

People you connect with may get a notification if you follow them, follow their Collection, or +1, comment on, or reshare their post.


Use Collections to organize posts based on interests. 

You can follow other people's Collections based on your interests, so your stream includes content you want to see.

Collections help you share content with the right people. When you make a Collection, you choose who can see that Collection. 

People can choose to follow specific Collections of yours, so no one sees posts that don't interest them.


Use Communities to have conversations with people who share your interests. Communities can be public or private, depending on their settings. 

Anyone who belongs to a Community can post to it and make comments on posts shared to that community.

Posts in Communities you've joined can show up in your stream.

Note: Not all features are available across all platforms. If you can't find something you're looking for, please try a different device.

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