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See and edit your Google+ profile

Your Google+ profile includes posts you've made on Google+, Collections you've created or followed, and Communities you’ve joined.

You can also add a cover photo, a profile photo, and a tagline, which are public. If you don't add a profile photo, we'll make one for you with your initials. 

To see your Google+ profile, click or tap Profile in the navigation menu .

From your Google+ profile, people can also see more information about you when they click or tap About.

You can also edit some of this information through About Me. When you change your name, tagline, profile photo, or cover photo in Google+, it is reflected in your About Me information. 

Edit your Google+ profile

You can edit your Google+ profile to:

  • Change what Communities show up on your Google+ profile
  • Choose whether to show Collections you follow on your Google+ profile
  • Add or change a tagline
  • Change your cover and profile photos

Note that Collections you own will be displayed on your profile automatically to people you have shared them with.  For example, public collections you have created may be displayed to anyone who visits your profile.

To edit your Google+ profile:

  1. Open Google+ or the Google+ app Google Plus.
  2. Click or tap Menu Menu and then click or tap Profile Profile.
  3. Click or tap Edit profile.
  4. Make your changes, then click or tap Save.

Edit your About Me information from Google+

Because people can see your About Me information using Google+, you can edit some of your Google-wide About Me information, from Google+.

Important: When you make changes to your About Me information from Google+, those changes will show up in other Google products where people can see your About Me information.

  1. Open your Google+ profile by opening the Navigation menu, and then click or tap Profile.
  2. Go to the information section by clicking or tapping About.
  3. To make changes to a section, click or tap Edit .

Note: For anything that isn't a person, like a business, a band, or a team, you can make a Google+ page

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