Use less data in Google+

When you're on a slow connection, Google+ helps load your stream faster and conserve your data by doing things like automatically showing lower quality versions of images and not auto-playing GIFs.

If you want Google+ to save bandwidth all the time, you can turn on the "Conserve data usage" setting. If this setting is on, the Google+ Android app will always show lower quality images and never auto-play GIFs.

Use less data in the Google+ Android app

To use less data:

  1. Open the Android Google+ app Google Plus.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Settings.
  3. Next to "Conserve data usage," tap the toggle switch.

See the high-quality version of an image or play a GIF

To see a high-quality version of an image or to play a GIF, tap the image or GIF. It may take a moment to load.

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