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If you switched to the new version of Google+ on a computer, or if you’re on mobile, visit the new Google+ Help Center. This page is for the previous, classic version of Google+ and may be outdated.

Hangouts On Air

Broadcast Hangouts On Air from Google+ Pages

To host a Hangout On Air from your Google+ page, you need to connect your Google+ page with a YouTube channel. If you haven’t done this already, sign in to your Google+ page as its owner or manager, start a Hangout On Air, and follow the instructions that appear.

You also can follow instructions below.

Connect your Google+ page to a new YouTube channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube as the owner or a manager of your Google+ page.
  2. Visit
  3. Select your Google+ page and follow the steps to create a channel for it.

Connect your Google+ page to an existing YouTube channel

If you already have an existing YouTube channel, you can connect it to your Google+ page.

If your YouTube channel isn’t connected to a Google+ page:

  1. Make sure the Google Account that owns the channel is a manager or owner of the Google+ page you want to connect.
  2. Then sign in to the channel on YouTube and follow these steps to connect it to your page.

If your YouTube channel is already connected to a different Google+ page or profile, and you want to change it, you can move your channel to another one.

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