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Hangouts On Air schedule

To help people discover and enjoy the best programming happening in Google+ Hangouts, we now offer a schedule of diverse and interesting upcoming Hangouts On Air.

If your Hangout On Air will be held in English, and you would like to have it considered for this schedule, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a public Google+ Event at least five days in advance of your broadcast. Please note that only events that are created as public can be featured in the schedule. If your event is created as private and then changed to public, it cannot be featured.
  2. Choose a title, event image, time and day, and add a summary of your Hangout On Air in the event details field.
  3. In "Event options - Advanced", DON'T select "Google+ Hangout" (as this creates a normal video call link, not a Hangout On Air link).
  4. Invite the official Google+ Page to your Google+ Event.
  5. When you're ready to begin broadcasting, start your Hangout On Air and paste the Hangout link into your Event's "YouTube URL" field.
The schedule is updated daily so stay tuned!
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