Allow your Google+ circles to Hangout with you

If you use Google+ you can enable specific circles to Hangout with you. When someone from an enabled circle sends you a message or invites you to a video call, you'll be able to Hangout right away without having to accept a Hangout request (Invite) first.

Choose which circles can start Hangouts with you:

  1. Click menu  at the top of the Hangouts list.
  2. Select Customize new invites.
  3. Select a circle and choose the setting you prefer. You can adjust the settings for anyone not in your Google+ circles by scrolling to the bottom of the list and changing the setting next to "Everyone else."
  4. Click Save.
If you’re a Google+ user who previously customized which circles are enabled for chat, any new circles you create will default to being disabled for Hangouts. Otherwise, circles that are part of “Your circles” will be enabled for Hangouts by default. You can always change which circles are enabled for Hangouts by following the steps above.