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Sign in to other sites using Google

You can use your Google username and password to sign in to other apps and websites, and you can control what information from each app will be shared on Google+.

Tip: If you're having trouble signing in using your Google username and password, try this troubleshooter.

Signing in with Google+

To use Google+ Sign-In:

  1. Open the app or website that you want to sign in to.
  2. Click the Google+ Sign-In button. If you don’t see the button, this may mean that Google+ Sign-In isn’t available for the app, or you might already be logged in to the app.
  3. If you aren't already logged in to Google+, enter your Google username and password.
  4. Review the permissions screen. To make changes, click the Pencil icon .
  5. Click Accept.
Choose people from your circles who will be able to see your app activity

Some apps may ask to share your app activity with Google. You can choose who sees this activity on Google services from the permissions screen when you sign in.

  • Make your app activity visible by clicking +Add more people and entering circles, people or email addresses.
  • Remove a circle or person by clicking the X next to their name.
  • Keep your activity private by selecting Only you.
Select the people or circles that you want to share with the app

When you share a list of people from your circles with the app, it may use that information to personalise your app experience based on your friends' app activity.

You can choose which circles to share with the app from the permissions screen when you sign in.

  • Untick the box next to any circles that you’d like to exclude.
  • To prevent circles that you create in future from being automatically shared with the app, untick "All circles".

Privacy when signing in with Google+

What the app can see
When you sign in using Google+, the app may receive your full name, profile picture, Google+ ID, age range, language, the people in your circles that you've shared with the app and any publicly available information on your Google+ profile. To learn more about how an app uses your data, contact them or review their Privacy Policy.
Who can see your activity within the app
Choosing who can see your activity on Google+ doesn't control who can see your activity within an app itself. The app controls that.
Using Google Sign-In with Google Apps
If you use Google Apps through work or school, your posts might be restricted to your organisation or domain by default. In this case, choosing "Your circles" will exclude users outside the domain. Selecting any other combination of circles will include users outside the domain.
Where app permissions apply
The permissions that you select when you sign in to an app with Google apply to that app on both mobile and desktop. When you sign in with Google, you may be automatically signed in to that app on other devices. If you sign in to an app on several different devices or browsers, you may need to sign out of each device or browser separately.
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