Joining a Google+ Community

Google+ communities are places for people to get together and talk about the interests that they share. Learn how to join an existing community or create a new one.

Joining a community

Follow the instructions below to find the communities that you care about:

Browsing recommended communities

  1. Hover over the top left of Google+ to open Google+ main navigation.
  2. Click on the Communities icon on the left-hand side of Google+
  3. Look through the recommended communities. Click on any of the communities that you’d like to explore.
  4. Click on Join community.

Searching for communities

Depending on the type of community, you may have to wait for approval before becoming a member.

You can choose to get notifications for the communities that you join. Check your notification setting by hovering over the  bell icon under the community’s profile photo. You can change the notification setting by clicking on the  bell icon.

When a community has over 10,000 members, no notifications will be sent.

Creating a community

Do you have a topic that you think would make for an interesting community? Create one!

Learn about how to Create a community