About Google+ events for iPhone

Get people together, collect and share memories from momentous occasions or impromptu gatherings with events on Google+.

When you create an event, people you invite will receive a notification. Anyone who has you in a circle can see your event in their stream. If someone visits your profile, they will also be able to see the event.

Once a person has RSVP'd that they're attending an event, they'll see Event activity in their stream:

  • When another person RSVP's that they'll be attending
  • When a comment, photo or video is added to teh event activity
  • Whenever someone checks into the event

To view your upcoming and past Events Tap the menu icon in the upper left and select Events.

With your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can:

  • View upcoming and past events
  • RSVP and invite friends to events you’ve been invited to
  • Create and moderate your own events
  • Share comments and photos
  • Get directions to where your friends are meeting by touching the directions navigation icon