Troubleshooting Party Mode

If you’re having trouble enabling Party Mode and uploading photos to an event, ensure the following:

  • Are you using the most recent version of the app? You can check your app version in the app under Settings>About Google+ and update the app in the Google Play Store.
  • Is Sync enabled? Sync must be enabled to turn on Party Mode. If you disable Sync during an event, this may cause problems with Party Mode. Go to your phone's Settings > Accounts & sync. Touch the account you'd like to enable sync on. Learn more about how to configure account sync options.
  • Do you have an internet connection available? Are you able to access the web via your mobile browser? If there is a problem with your Wifi connection, or a data connection is unavailable, your photos will be uploaded once a data connection is available. This could occur after the event has ended.
  • Are you able to upload photos to the event directly? If not, the event creator may not have chosen to allow guests to upload photos to the event at all.
  • Is the event over, or more than two hours away from starting? Be sure to refresh the event from the options menu on the event page, as the event time may have changed. You should be able to enable Party Mode up to 2 hours before the event, but if the event has ended, you will not be able to enable Party Mode.