Types of local pages in Google+

There are three types of local pages on Google+. You can distinguish the pages by the features available:

  Local listing Unverified local Google+ Page Verified local Google+ Page
Displays on Google Maps  
Has Posts and Videos tab  
Customers can leave reviews  
Verified checkmark next to name    

Local listings

Local listings have scores, reviews, and tabs for About and Photos beneath the cover photo. Business owners can verify and manage these listings by clicking the Manage this page button on the listing.

Google+ Pages

Some businesses may have instead created local Google+ Pages. You can identify these pages if there are tabs for Posts, About, Photos, and Videos. If there isn’t the option to leave a review, the business owner hasn't verified this local Google+ Page.

When a business owner verifies a local Google+ Page, any existing listing for the business is merged with the local Google+ Page to create a single page with a verified checkmark. Some business owners who use the Places for Business dashboard may also be auto-upgraded to a verified local Google+ Page. Verified local Google+ Pages have features of both pages described above–scores and reviews as well as posts from the business owner.

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