Identities in Google+ Local

If you want to write reviews or upload photos, you’ll need to have a Google+ profile. Your Google+ name will appear with your review or photo and will link to a list of all your reviews. Your local reviews will appear on the Reviews tab of your profile. You can control if this tab is visible to visitors or not using Google+ settings.

What content will appear with my Google+ name and who can see it?

  • Scores and reviews: Any reviews you write or scores that you provide will be attributed to your Google+ name and visible publicly. Public scores and reviews makes it possible for us to provide high-quality information for all users, and provide you with personalized suggestions based on your preferences.
  • Check-ins: When you check-in to a location, you’ll be able share with only certain circles and decide who will see the check-in in their Google+ stream. Since check-ins are linked to Google+, whoever you share your check-ins with will also see your Google+ name.
  • Photos: All photos that you upload on Google+ Local will be visible publicly, and will be associated with your Google+ name.
  • Old Google Places content: When you move content over from your old Google Places account into Google+ Local, it will be associated with your Google+ name and not your old nickname. During the moving process, you can choose if you want your old reviews and photos to remain public and be attributed to your Google+ identity, or if you want your old content to be private and only visible to you. Unmigrated content will remain public, but be anonymous.

Do I need to have a Google+ profile to use Google+ Local?

You can read reviews and find business information on Google+ Local without ever signing in to your Google+ account or providing any personal information. To check into locations, write reviews, or upload photos, you will need to be signed in with a Google+ account. Once you sign in, you’ll also get personalized recommendations, be able to share information with friends, and see trusted Zagat reviews that are curated from user reviews.

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