Create an event

Instantly invite all your friends, put the event on your Google calendar, and easily keep track of RSVPs with Google+ events. Events automatically sync with your guests' Google calendars and everyone attending can share their photos to a single photo collection.

Create an event now

How to create an event

  1. Open Google+
  2. In the share box at the top left, click Event.
  3. Choose a theme. The image you choose will be displayed along with your invitation emails, posts about your event, and the event details page. Browse through themes with the < and > icons or click Change theme to see all the theme options.
  4. Add the date and time. When you click the date box, you'll see your agenda from your Google Calendar for the selected day. Click Add end time on the right to let your guests know when the event will be over. This information is optional. Click X to remove the end time. In Google Calendar, events with no end time will display as 2 hours long.

    To schedule a Hangouts video call, click Event options > Advanced > Hangouts. When the event begins, your guests will be able to join the hangout from the event page or event notification they receive.
    Create a Hangouts event

    Using the Event options menu, you can also make it an event on air, choose whether guests can invite others or choose whether guests can upload photos to the event collection. Click Show more options under Advanced options to include a link to another website, transit and parking information, or ticket information.
  5. Add a location. If you enter an address rather than "My house", your guests will be able to easily get directions from your invitation.
  6. Send the invitations. Click + Invite names, circles, or email addresses to list the people you wish to invite to your event. Your guests don't have to use Google+; anyone you invite will be able to see the event and respond to the invitation without signing up for Google+. When you're done, click Invite.

    After you click Invite, your guests will be notified, see a post on their Google+ Home page, and the event will be added to their Events page and their Google Calendar.
Are you a Google Apps user?
If you're a Google Apps user and your domain administrator has activated Google+ for your organization, you can create an event for your domain - just select the chip with your organization name when deciding who to invite. Google+ doesn't limit inviting others outside your organization to an event, so be mindful of who you invite to an event.