Add or remove an app in Hangouts

Apps are programs that you and your friends can use while in a video call. They let you do things like create documents, play games, and add fun effects to your video call, all without having to install complicated software. To add apps, you'll need a Google+ profile.

Your apps are displayed on the left side of your screen. To add apps to your video call:

  1. Hover over the left side of the video call window, and a bar with various app icons appear.
  2. Select one of the apps displayed in the app bar or find another app by clicking "..." and then selecting + Add apps.
  3. In the window that appears you can browse through available apps by clicking the Featured or Recent tabs. The Recent tab displays all of the apps you’ve used in previous video calls you’ve participated in.
  4. Once you’ve found the app you want to use, select the app, and click Add to this video call.
Add apps that aren't being featured in video calls
There are some apps that can be added to a video call, but are not displayed under the Featured tab. There are a few ways you can discover and add these apps:
  • Someone else may add an app to the video call. Check out the apps bar on the left side of the screen to see which apps your friends are in. If you find one that you’re interested in, you can select it, and you'll be added to the app as well.
  • App developers may have a link to apps on their Google+ pages so be sure to visit your favorite developers’ pages.
  • App developers may also add their apps to their websites. If an app has been added to the developer's website or Google+ page and can be used in a video call, it’ll have a Start a video call button. When you click the button, a video call will start with the app already added.

Currently, there’s no way to add these apps to an existing video call-- clicking on them from a Google+ page or a website will cause the app to open in a new video call. The next time you’re in a video call, you’ll be able to find and add the app under the Recent tab instead of having to go back to the developer’s page.

Multi-person apps

If other video call participants are using an app, their names will show under the app name on the left side of your video call window. If you'd like to join in on the fun and use an app someone else is using, simply click on the app and you'll be added to it.

Close an app

You can close the app that you've been using by hovering over it and clicking the "X" that appears.

Currently apps are not supported on tablets or mobile devices.

If you’re using apps in Hangouts on Air, and want to show your apps to the public, you’ll need to use the screenshare feature.


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