Hangouts On Air

Troubleshoot Hangouts On Air

Sorry you're having problems. Please choose your issue from the list below:

People can’t view my Hangout On Air.
Make sure that you've selected Start broadcast at the top of the video call window to allow the public to view the Hangout On Air. If you don't see the live player on your Home page, then other people can't see it either. If this is the case, exit the Hangout On Air and restart the broadcast. 
I hosted a Hangout On Air on a Google+ page, but I can't find my video.
Videos recorded on Google+ pages are saved in the YouTube account of the administrator who hosted the broadcast. The administrator can access the video in his or her Video Manager.
I'm trying to join a Hangout On Air as a +Page, but I keep getting an error message.
If your +Page is in the host's Following circle, you will  see an error message. The host can add your +Page to any circle except for the Following circle.
I'm seeing the message, "We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back at 100% in a bit."
This means that YouTube is performing scheduled site maintenance. You can learn more about this by visiting the YouTube Help Center.
The Hangout On Air preview post is not properly playing.
Make sure that you've clicked Start broadcast so that the broadcast is streamed and recorded.
During the Hangout On Air, the main focus window was out of sync with who is shown in the broadcast.
If this occurs, the broadcaster can fix the problem by refreshing the Hangout On Air page and re-entering the broadcast.
I need to connect a different YouTube channel to my Google+ profile.

If you're using Google+ as a +Page and need to connect to a different YouTube channel, first create a Google+ account with the email address associated with the correct YouTube channel. Then add that Google+ account as a manager of the +Page. Before starting the Hangout On Air, make sure you're using the +Page as the correct account.

If your issue isn't addressed above please review our FAQ, check out the Hangouts known issues, or visit the Hangouts On Air section of the Hangouts forum.