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Troubleshoot Hangouts On Air

Sorry you're having problems. Please choose your issue from the list below:

People can't view my Hangout On Air.
Make sure that you've selected Start broadcast at the top of the video call window to allow the public to view the Hangout On Air. If you don't see the live player on your Home page, then other people can't see it either. If this is the case, exit the Hangout On Air and restart the broadcast.
I hosted a Hangout On Air on a Google+ page, but I can't find my video.
Videos recorded on Google+ pages are saved to the YouTube channel connected to the Google+ page you used to host the Hangout On Air. 
I'm trying to join a Hangout On Air as a +Page, but I keep getting an error message.

You cannot join a Hangout On Air from a +Page.

You can join a Hangout On Air from the Hangout On Air video call notification, using your regular Google Account or individual Google+ profile.

I'm seeing the message, "We are currently performing site maintenance. Be cool - we'll be back at 100% in a bit."
This means that YouTube is performing scheduled site maintenance. You can learn more about this by visiting the YouTube Help Center.
The Hangout On Air preview post is not properly playing.
Make sure that you've clicked Start broadcast so that the broadcast is streamed and recorded.
During the Hangout On Air, the main focus window was out of sync with the person shown in the broadcast.
If this occurs, the broadcaster can fix the problem by refreshing the Hangout On Air page and re-entering the broadcast.
I want to connect a different YouTube channel to my Google+ profile.
Hangouts On Air will record broadcasts to the channel connected to the Google+ page hosting the broadcast, no matter which channel is connected to the manager's Google+ profile. To learn how to connect a YouTube channel to a Google+ page, visit the YouTube help center or the YouTube help forum.
I'm getting an error message that my YouTube channel is unverified, even though I've verified my channel for longer uploads.
Make sure you're starting the Hangout on Air using the Google+ page or profile connected to your YouTube channel. If your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ page, you must  set up and start the Hangout on Air using your Google+ page.
The Hangout On Air's host unexpectedly dropped out of the broadcast.
When a host drops out of a Hangout On Air, a few things will happen:
  • The broadcast will continue, as shown by the "Live" indicator.
  • Viewers can continue with the Hangout On Air.
  • The host has 5 minutes to rejoin the broadcast from the Hangout On Air's event page.
  • If the host doesn't rejoin the Hangout On Air within 5 minutes, the broadcast will end for everyone.

If your issue isn't addressed above please review our FAQ, check out the Hangouts known issues page, or visit the Hangouts On Air section of the Hangouts forum.

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