Hangouts On Air

Report abuses of Hangouts On Air

If you see a Hangout On Air that violates our Terms of Service, including Hangouts On Air that are broadcasting copyrighted content or other inapropriate content, you can report it by:

  1. Clicking the down arrow at the top right of the Google+ post. 
  2. Selecting Report abuse
  3. Following the prompts for reporting abusive content. We'll review the video and if it's found to be in violation of our Terms of Service it will no longer be viewable.

If you host a Hangout On Air that is found to violate our Terms of Service:

  • Your broadcast will be terminated (if the video is reported during a live broadcast).
  • The Google+ post will still be available but, no one will be able to play the video.
  • A recording of the Hangout On Air will not be made available.
  • Your access to Hangouts On Air will be restricted.
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