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Hangouts On Air

Hangouts On Air common questions


How do I start a Hangout On Air? When does the broadcast start?

The broadcast starts when you click Start broadcast from within the Hangout On Air window.

You'll see the notification at the top of the window saying either "on air" or "off air" to indicate the status of your broadcast.

Can I use my own picture for the Home page post?
You can't use your own picture for the Home page post, but we're constantly adding new features, so please stay tuned.
How many people can join?
A Hangout On Air can have up to 10 people at once. You can't reserve a seat for other users.
How long can I broadcast a Hangout On Air?
You can host a Hangout On Air for up to 8 hours, and the recording will be the same length as your broadcast.
Can I do a Hangout On Air from a +Page?
You can broadcast Hangouts On Air from your +Page, if it is connected to its own YouTube channel.
What if someone joins and starts playing music or videos they do not own?
Users of Hangouts On Air may only broadcast content that they have the right to broadcast. If someone tries to stream copyrighted content without authorization, please block them, remove them from the broadcast by hovering over the person's thumbnail and clicking Eject, or close the Hangout.
Can I kick someone out of my Hangout On Air?
Yes, you can force someone to leave your Hangout On Air. To make someone leave the Hangout On Air, place your mouse over their profile photo and click Eject.
Can I reserve a seat for other users?
You can’t reserve a seat for other users.
What should I do if I’m having an issue with Hangouts On Air?
Please visit our Hangouts On Air section of the Hangouts forum for help from other users, Top Contributors, and Google Guides.
When do participants appear in the Hangout On Air at the bottom of the window (as part of the filmstrip)?

The bar at the bottom of the Hangout On Air window that shows the participants is called the filmstrip. It shows up on both the live and recorded stream.

The only time the filmstrip doesn’t appear during the Hangout On Air is when either of the following is true:

What does the Hangout On Air look like when during a broadcast?

The Hangout On Air will always show whoever is talking. That could be the host of the Hangout On Air or any participant. To make a particular participant show in the main screen, the host can also click on the participant’s photo at the bottom of the window, hold the click for a second, and let go of the mouse click. Then the participant will become the focus of the main screen.

The Hangout On Air’s recording will show in the same view as what the host was seeing during the broadcast. For instance, if you’re hosting a Hangout On Air, the recording will show what you see.

Invites and Viewership

How many people will be able to watch the broadcast?

Your broadcast will be viewable by the public once you click Start broadcast from within the Hangout On Air. There is no limit to how many viewers can watch the broadcast.

The number of viewers watching your broadcast is displayed at the bottom right of the video call window next to Links.

How do I invite my friends before I broadcast?
You'll be prompted to invite your friends or circles before you enter the Hangout On Air. Please note that you can't invite the public to join a Hangout on Air, but you can open the broadcast for public viewing. To make it available to the public, click Start broadcast from within the Hangout On Air window.
How can I see what's being broadcasted?
You can see the broadcasting video from the Hangout On Air’s Event page or the YouTube watch page. Please note that when clicking on the post you should mute your audio to avoid hearing an echo.
What can I do if no one can see my broadcast?
Make sure that you've selected Start broadcast to allow the public to view the Hangout On Air. If you don't see the live player in your Home page, then the public can't see it either. If this is the case, exit the Hangout On Air and restart the broadcast. Make sure that you click Start broadcast from within the Hangout On Air window.
What will appear in the Home page post?

When you invite people to join, a post will appear on their Google+ Home page telling them that there's a Hangout On Air going on, along with a list of the people who have already joined. People that you invite will have the option to join the Hangout On Air. If they don’t join, they won’t be able to watch it until you start broadcasting.

When you post publicly, people will see who's in the Hangout On Air and will have the option to watch it from the Home page.

Can I share the URL of the Hangout On Air?
You can share the URL of a Hangout On Air’s YouTube watch page or Google+ Event page, and whoever you share it with will be able to view the Hangout On Air’s live broadcast and recording. But to be a participant of the Hangout On Air, the host will need to invite you.
What does the number of views for a Hangout On Air mean?
As of April 29, 2014, Hangouts On Air and their recordings will have views. But Hangouts On Air created before April 29, 2014 won't show their views. During a Hangout On Air, the views are how many people are watching the live Hangout On Air event at the time. After the Hangout On Air is over, the views are how many people watched the live event and the recording.

After the Hangout On Air

What happens to the video after the broadcast ends?

The recording will be available on your YouTube channel. You'll also be able to edit the recording when the Hangout On Air is over which will automatically update your post (and the video URL) to show the edited version.

When you're ready, visit your YouTube Video Manager to edit your video.

How can I edit or download my video?

To make changes to your video, try YouTube's video editor.

For videos longer than two hours, you'll need to download, edit, and then upload the videos again to your YouTube channel. Learn more about how to download your video.

Terms of Service and availability

Where can I find the terms of service?
Please take a look at the Hangouts On Air terms of service along with YouTube's terms of service.
Do people have to accept any terms when joining a Hangout On Air?
When you join a Hangout On Air, you'll see a message asking you to accept the User Content and Conduct Policy. You'll also see a message saying that the Hangout On Air you're joining can be broadcast and recorded.
I am a Google Apps customer. Is Hangouts on Air a Google Apps core service? Can I use Hangouts on Air?

Hangouts on Air is not a Google Apps core service.

Google Apps users can access and use Hangouts on Air for free, unless the domain administrator disabled the feature in the organization's Google+ settings.

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