Google+ Teen Safety Guide

Common questions

Run into some questions while sharing on Google+? Check the list below for answers to some common questions.

I saw something really gross/offensive/obnoxious on Google+. What do I do?

We want Google+ to be a community of trust and respect, and to reflect that, we have a set of Content Policies. If you see content in Google+ that violates those guidelines (for example, hate speech or bullying), you can report it to Google so we can take action. Note that these reports are anonymous, so in most cases, the person you’re reporting won’t know it was you. If someone shares something with just you and you report thier content, he or she will probably know it was you. But for content shared broadly, it’s unlikely that the poster will know you reported them.

Report a comment

Hover over the comment with your mouse - a small gray flag should appear to the right. Click the flag to report that comment for abuse.

Report a post

  1. On the top corner of each post, there is a small circle with a triangle on it. Click this icon to reveal a menu of options for that post.
  2. Click Report abuse.
  3. Select a reason from the dialog.

Report a profile

Navigate to the profile you want to report. Beneath the profile picture, click Report this profile.

I just got an email saying that someone I don’t know just “added” me to their circles. What does this mean?

When someone adds you to their circles, that’s their way of saying, “I’d like to see what you’ve shared with me.” This doesn’t give them any additional access to your information - you decide that when you fill out your profile, send out a post, etc.

So what should you do? That depends. If the person who added you is a friend who you haven’t added to circles yet, add them back! This will give them access to more of your information and make it easier to share.

On the other hand, if this person makes you feel uncomfortable, you can block them by clicking on the “block this person” link in the email.

Neither of the above? Feel free to ignore the email -- you don't have to take any action.

I saw a comment on one of my posts that really makes me uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do?

First off, open and honest communication is key. If you know the person who posted the unsettling comment, you can let them know how it made you feel and possibly ask them to change or delete their comment. Although this may make for an awkward conversation, it can help prevent this from happening in the future.

You can also choose to remove comments from your own posts. Hover over the comment(s) in question and click on the gray “X” that appears next to them.

You can also disable comments completely for a particular post. Click the menu button in the upper corner of your post and click Disable comments. You can also disable comments before posting by opening the menu from within the sharebox (indicated by a gray triangle) and selecting Disable comments.