How Google+ works for teenagers

Google+ for teenagers is mostly the same as Google+ for adults. However, the default settings for teenagers are more conservative.

Settings for teenagers

The default settings for teenagers, described below, are different from those for adults. Teenagers can change many of these settings if they want.


Only people in a teenager's circles can comment on posts that they share with 'Public' or 'Extended circles'.

Note: If teenagers share a post to 'Public' or 'Extended circles', they'll see a message reminding them that people who aren't in their circles may see or comment on their post.

Profile info

Some profile information is private, including:

  • Gender
  • Introduction
  • Links
  • Home contact info
  • Work contact info
  • Occupation
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Places lived

Anyone on Google+ can +mention a teenager, but teenagers can decide if they want to get a notification when this happens.

By default, teenagers will only be notified when people in their circles mention them.


By default, people can't find a teenager's profile in search results.


If a +Page owner decides to prevent teenagers of a certain age from visiting their page, those teenagers can't:

  • Navigate to the page
  • Add the page to their circles
  • Be contacted by the page

Teenagers are still able to:

  • See the page's comments on their friends' posts
  • Prevent people from contacting teenagers on Google+

If teenagers want to prevent someone from contacting them, they can block them.

Report offensive content

If teenagers see content in Google+ that violates the content policies, they can report it to Google.

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