Restore or delete a photo

 These instructions are for the newest version of the Google+ app for Android. Update your app

You can delete and restore photos that have been backed up to Google+ using the Google Photos app. So don't worry, if you ever accidentally delete one of these photos and want to recover it, it's possible to restore it from your trash.

Restore or recover a photo from Trash

Open the  Photos app > touch the  Photos icon at the top left to open the menu >  Trash > the thumbnail you wish to restore >   menu icon/button > Restore

Note: Photos that were locally stored on your device or were not backed up to Google+ cannot be restored.

Delete a photo

To delete one photo at a time, open the  Photos app > touch the thumbnail of the photo you wish to delete to open it >  trash icon.

To delete multiple photos at once,  open the  Photos app > touch the   menu icon/button > Select... > the thumbnails of the photos you wish to delete to select them >  trash icon.