Transfer ownership of your page

Only the owner of a page can transfer their ownership rights. The person you transfer ownership to must be an existing manager of the page for at least two weeks. If you don't have any managers, you must first invite the person to become a manager, then wait for them to accept their invitation.

To change who owns a page:

  1. Use Google+ as your pageMake sure you're using Google+ as your page.
  2. Click ManagersClick Managers associated with the page you'd like to transfer.
  3. Transfer ownership to name_of_personClick the dropdown arrow on the card of the person and select Transfer ownership to _name of user_.

When an owner transfers ownership to someone else, the old owner automatically becomes a manager of the page. The transfer of ownership happens immediately -- no confirmation is necessary from the new owner.

Please note that switching ownership of the page does not switch the ownership of other Google services linked to your page.