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This page is for the previous, classic version of G+ and may be outdated. We will be updating this page in the next few weeks and will remove this banner when the page has been updated.

Choose which circles you share with

When you share on Google+, you can select the circles or people you want to share with, or you can use the Your circles option. By default, "Your circles" includes all the circles you've created. If there are circles you'd prefer not to share with you can remove them from the "Your circles" group.

For example, you may want to read new posts from your “Celebrities” circle, but not share with them. In that case, you wouldn't include your “Celebrities” circle in the "Your circles" group.

Android app
To customize the "Your circles" group on your Android device, you'll need to go to each circle's settings page to include or exclude it. To check to see which circles are in this group, we recommend using a desktop computer (instructions below).
  1. Open the Google+ app Google+ icon .
  2. Touch the down arrow  near the upper right corner (it's under the bell icon).
  3. Touch My Circles > the circle you want to include or exclude from "Your circles."
  4. Touch the person list icon  at the top right.
  5. Touch the menu icon  or button > Circle settings.
  6. At the bottom, check or uncheck the box next to Your circles.
Desktop computer
  1. Open Google+. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu. 
  2. Click Settings. In the Your circles section, click Customize.

Customize your circles

Mobile browser
You can't change this using a mobile web browser-- we recommend using a computer or the mobile app.
iOS app
  1. Open the Google+ app Google+ icon .
  2. Touch the menu icon  and then the gear icon  at the top right.
  3. Touch Circles.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and touch Your circles.
  5. Select which circles you'd like to include.

Things to keep in mind with the circles you’re following:

  • You can still share with any of your circles. This is just a setting that makes it easier to quickly share with multiple circles at once.
  • By default, only people in Your circles can chat with you on Hangouts. People you exclude may no longer be able to chat with you.
  • People in the circles you’re following are still included among your extended circles.
  • The customization of Your circles applies everywhere the “chip” is used. (For instance, in your profile visibility settings, your Google+ settings, and who you share with.)
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