Transfer Google+ circles & connections between accounts

When you transfer your Google+ circles and connections from a “source” account to a “destination” account, your source profile will be replaced with your destination profile in other people’s circles. This includes circle names, members, settings, and the people and pages you've blocked or ignored.

About transfers

  • Transfers typically take about 48 hours.
  • You can't transfer connections from a Profile to a Page.
  • There's a 7 day waiting period before your transfer begins.
  • If the source or destination accounts are managed by an account administrator who isn't you, they may restrict your ability to transfer connections or use Google+.
  • You won’t be able to request a transfer with these accounts again for 6 months.
  • Before a transfer begins, you can cancel it by signing in to either account on Google+ from a desktop computer. Click Cancel transfer at the bottom of the page. Once the transfer begins, it cannot be cancelled or undone.

During the transfer, neither account will be able to:

  • Share posts on Google+
  • Add or remove people from circles
  • Block or ignore people

People also won't be able to block, add or remove these profiles to their circles during the transfer. Transfers typically take about 48 hours.

After the transfer

  • Your circles, blocks, and ignores are copied from the source account to the destination account.
  • Circles in the destination account with the same names are merged.
  • Profile information, posts, or comments from your source account will not be transferred to your destination account. Similarly, authorship information and Google+ pages that you manage with your source account will not be transferred to the destination account (but will still exist in your source account).
  • Your source account profile will still exist. However, it will be replaced with your destination account in other people's circles. Don't worry if you see that the number in the "Have you in circles" feature still shows that people have your source profile in their circles, it may take a few days to update.

If you no longer need your source account Google+ profile, we recommend downloading your Google+ data from your source account using Google Takeout and then deleting your entire Google+ source profile. If you choose to keep your source account profile, to avoid confusion, you may want to delete any content (including posts, comments and photos) that was posted by the source account and uncheck the option that helps others to discover your profile in search results.

Request a transfer

  1. Log into your source account.
  2. Go to the Google takeout tool.
  3. Click the  transfer icon:
  4. Follow the instructions from the tool to sign into your destination account, confirm the transfer, and review.