Promote your Google+ Page

Try these different strategies to promote your Google+ Page and gain followers:

  • Post updates frequently and keep your profile fresh – People are more likely to engage with a page that contains fresh posts and a complete profile. Learn about sharing in Google+ and how to edit your page.
  • Link your Google+ Page and your website – This is a great way to drive traffic to your page and it provides an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers and fans in an intimate fashion. Learn how to link your page and website.
  • Add the Google+ badge to your website: Grow your page’s followers directly from your website. The badge helps Google consolidate +1's from your website and your Google+ page. 
  • Publish your page's Custom URL: Use it in emails or other offline marketing to help people remember how to get to your page.
  • Link your Google+ Page with your AdWords campaign - Connecting your page to your campaigns allows your advertising and page to share +1's. Any +1's on your ads will increment the count on your page and vice versa. Learn more about social extensions.
  • Link your Google+ Page with your AdWords Express campaign - You can set your AdWords Express destination page to be your Google+ Page. Learn more.