See how content is shared with Google+ Ripples

Using Google+ Ripples, you can see how posts are shared. For example, you can use Google+ Ripples to see how many people you’ve reached with a post about your business. Or, you can use Google+ Ripples to see which people had the biggest impact when sharing a particular post.

See Ripples for a public post

You can see Ripples for any public post that's been reshared in your stream.

  1. Choose a post that says “Shared publicly” next to the timestamp.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow at the top of the post .
  3. Click View Ripples.

Android app/Mobile browser/iPhone or iPad app

You can’t use Google+ Ripples on mobile devices. Please use a computer instead.

Learn what info Ripples gives about public posts

The Ripples diagram can give you a lot of information about how the post was shared, by whom, and what was said about it.

Important: While Ripples displays a lot of amazing information, you’re not actually seeing everything that’s taken place. For instance, Ripples only uses public data, so there may be a discrepancy between the number of shares that you see on a post in the stream and the number of shares that Ripples displays.

Learn who's publicly shared a post, as well as the comments that they’ve made

See who's shared the post, and who they got it from

Circles represent people who've shared the post. The bigger the circle, the more influence that person has had in spreading the post:

  • Anyone who's reshared the link appears in their own circle.
  • People who've reshared the link from someone will be shown inside that person’s circle.

See the comments that people have made as they shared

In the Ripples sidebar, you can see the comments that users have added when they shared a link. If the person’s name is visible in a circle, their comment will appear in the sidebar.

To see a comment in the Ripples diagram:

  1. From the Ripple that you're in, zoom in or out to see a circle.
  2. Hover over the person’s name.
  3. If the person has left a comment, it will appear above “View post”.
Learn how a post or URL has been shared over time

At the bottom of the Ripples page, you can play an animated version of the diagram that shows how the link was shared over time. You can also see a line graph that illustrates activity on the post.

Find statistics on how a post was shared

Scroll down below the diagram of the Ripple to see statistics about how the post was shared.