About Google+ Ripples

Google+ Ripples creates an interactive graphic of the public shares of any public post or URL on Google+ to show you how it has rippled through the network and help you discover new and interesting people to follow. Ripples shows you:

Who has publicly shared a post or URL and the comments they've made
People who have reshared the link will be displayed with their own circle. Inside the circle will be people who have reshared the link from that person (and so on). Circles are roughly sized based on the relative influence of that person.

The comments users added when they reshared a link are displayed in the sidebar of Ripples. If the person's name is visible in the visualisation, their comment will be displayed in the sidebar. Try zooming in and out and moving around to see different comments! (You can also view the comments that people made on their reshare by hovering over their name in the Ripples visualisation.)
How a post or URL was shared over time
At the bottom of the Ripples page, you can play an animated version of the visualisation that shows how the link was shared over time. You can also see a line graph that illustrates activity on the post.
Statistics on how a post or URL was shared
Beneath the timeline on the Ripples page statistics on the link. You can check out people who were sharing hubs (people who had the most reshares of the post), statistics about how the link was shared and the native language breakdown in which the link was shared.

While Ripples displays a lot of cool information, you're not actually seeing all of the action that's taken place. For instance, Ripples only uses public data, so there may be a discrepancy between the number of shares that you see on a post in the stream and the number of shares that Ripples displays.

To view Ripples for a public post in your stream, just click the drop-down arrow at the top of the post that you're curious about and click View Ripples.

To view Ripples for a specific URL, open the Ripples dialogue, and in the top corner, enter the URL that you want to see Ripples for. You'll see a visualisation for all of the public shares on Google+ of that URL.

Not sure if a post is public? Look at the top of the post next to the timestamp. If the post is public, "Public" will be displayed.

If you find a particularly interesting Ripples visualisation, it's easy to share it with your circles. While viewing the ripple, simply copy the URL and share the link in your stream.