Search in Google+

Use the search box at the top of Google+ to search across Google+ and the Web. Results in Google+ search are delivered from:

  • Google+ posts -- Includes both public posts and posts that were shared with you
  • People -- Results from people suggestions
  • Trending content found elsewhere on the Web

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Filter content in Google+ search

As you type your search query, you’ll instantly see auto-complete suggestions. You can use your arrow keys to select from among the instantly returned suggestions, or you can complete your query and press Enter to see your full search stream. After searching, you may want to filter or save the search for easy access.

Since Google+ search can include posts that were shared with you and not with others, it’s likely that two people searching for the same query will see different results. Learn more about the posts that appear in Google+ search.

Enter your search in the search box and hit enter.

Use the options at the top of your search results to filter your search results. Choose from among:

  • Everything
  • People and pages
  • Google+ posts
  • Events
  • Communities
  • Hangouts
  • From your circles
  • From you
  • To you
  • From this location (enter a location)

Below the filters, you can also sort your search stream according to relevance or timeliness. Choose Best of or Most recent.