Search in Google+

You can search Google+ for people, posts, communities, and events. Searching makes it easy to find things you like or may be interested in.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google+ app Google Plus.
  2. At the top right of the screen, tap Search Search.
  3. Type what you want to search for and tap Search

Your search results include:

  • Communities: Communities related to what you searched for
  • People: Profiles that mention what you searched for
  • Google+ posts: Both public posts, and posts that were shared with you

More search options

Advanced search in Google+

If you use Google+ for work or school, you can use the search box to perform an advanced search. 

  1. On your computer, open Google+.
  2. At the top, in the search box, click the Down arrow Down Arrow .
  3. Type or click what you want to search for or filter by.
  4. Click Search.

You can also refine a search in Google+ by typing advanced search operators directly in the search box.


Find posts from a specific user or user ID.

Tip: The ID, or url_id, is the string of numbers at the end of a profile’s URL.


Find posts with specific content.


Find posts posted before or after a certain date, or within a custom date range.


Find posts commented on by a specific user.


Find posts that mention a specific user.


Find posts in any community or in a specific community by ID.

Tip: The community ID is the string of numbers and letters at the end of a community's URL.


You can refine your search to include multiple queries or exclude certain terms by using logic operators. Enter these operators in all capital letters.

Tip: You can search for multiple operators without use of the word "AND." You can also replace "NOT" with a minus sign.

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