Share your screen or present during a Hangout

During a Hangouts video call, you can share what's on your screen, like presentations. When you present in a Hangout, you can choose yourself or another person as the main presenter.

Share your screen

You can allow other people to see your computer screen, for example, to share a slideshow.

To share your screen:

  1. Open a Hangouts video call.
  2. Place your mouse by the left side of the video call window. A bar with various app icons will appear.
  3. Click the Screenshare icon .
  4. Choose whether to share your entire desktop, your browser window, or app.
  5. Click Start share.

Stop sharing your screen at any time by clicking the Screenshare icon .

Choose the presenter in a Hangout

The Hangouts video call window automatically shows the person who's talking. But you can choose to show someone else as the presenter.

To choose a presenter:

  1. Open a Hangouts video call.
  2. On the person's photo thumbnail, click the drop-down menu .
  3. Click Present to everyone.

See who's presenting by looking on their photo thumbnail for the present-to-everyone icon . If someone in the Hangout wants to see a person other than the presenter, they can click the photo thumbnail of the person they want to see.

Tips for the presenter

If you're chosen as the presenter, you'll see a green bar at the top of your screen saying that you're presenting to everyone. This will only show whatever your video camera is showing. You need to turn on the Screenshare app in the video call to show your window.

To share your screen

  • To start screenshare: Click the Screenshare icon .
  • To stop screenshare: Click Stop screenshare.

To present to everyone

  • Any Google Apps for work or education users who join the Hangout using will automatically start in present-to-everyone mode.
  • To stop presenting to everyone: Click Stop.

To hide or show the photo thumbnails during a Hangout

When someone is presenting to everyone, you can hide everyone's photo thumbnails so they don't block what's in the lower part of your window. At the top of the window, click the hide participants icon .

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