Backing up photos and videos automatically

Automatically back up your photos and videos to Google+ by turning on Auto-backup. This can include photos you take with your device's camera, photos you download to your phone or computer and photos saved by other apps, such as WhatsApp and Hangouts.

Your automatically backed-up photos are private unless you choose to share them.

Turning Auto-backup on or off

Android app
  1. Open the Photos app Photos icon.
  2. Touch the menu button or icon menu and select Settings.
  3. Touch Auto-backup and switch the toggle On or Off.
You can back up photos on your computer using Google+ Auto-backup for desktop or the Google+ Photos App for Chromebooks.
Mobile web (choose this if you use Google+ on your mobile device's browser)
This setting isn't currently available using a mobile web browser.
iOS app
  1. Open the Google+ app Google+ icon and touch the menu icon .
  2. Touch the gear icon in the top-right > Camera and Photos.
  3. Touch Auto-backup.
  4. Switch the Auto-backup setting on or off.
If you tried to turn Auto-backup on and saw this:

This means that you need to allow the Google+ app to access your photos:

  1. Open your device's settings > touch Privacy > Photos.
  2. Switch Google+ on.


If you notice that your photos aren't backing up to Google+, try opening the Google+ app Google+ icon and going to the Photos section. If you have Auto-backup turned on, your photos and videos should start backing up.


More about Auto-backup:

How much does this cost?

You can back up an unlimited number of standard-size photos and videos free of charge (standard size means that photos are 2,048 px or less on the longest edge, and videos are less than 15 minutes long and have 1,080p resolution or less). Auto-backup is set to back up at full size by default. Learn how to change your backup setting to standard or full size.

What counts against your free Google Drive storage quota?
If you have your backup setting set to full size, then photos larger than 2,048 px on the longest edge (full-size photos can be no larger than 100 MB) and videos longer than 15 minutes or saved at a resolution higher than 1,080p count against your free Google Drive storage quota. If you start approaching the free storage limit, you'll see a notification. If you run out of storage, we'll automatically switch to backing up at standard size. Learn more about Google Drive storage plans and pricing.

Check my Google Drive storage

Backing up photos from other apps (Android only)

You can automatically back up your Android device's photo and video folders, including photos that you've downloaded, screenshots that you've taken or photos saved by other apps.

Turning on or off for individual folders

  1. Open the Photos app Photos icon.
  2. Touch the menu icon  in the top-left, then On Device.
  3. To the right of each folder title, touch the cloud icon to turn Auto-backup on or off for that folder:
Auto-backup is on for that folder
Auto-backup is off for that folder