Using Google+ at work or school

You can use Google+ to talk and work with your co-workers, customers, and others inside and outside your organization. Google+ for work, school, and other groups is different from Google+ for personal accounts. Users within a domain can:

  • Securely communicate with one another.
  • Control what people outside the domain see.
  • Combine Google+ with other services, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, and Contacts.

Your organization can also create profiles and use other features not found in the consumer version of Google+.

Note: You can use your G Suite account with Google+ only if your domain administrator has enabled the service for your domain. It is up to your domain administrator to determine which products will be made available for your entire domain. Your administrator also has access to any data you store in this account, including your email. Please read the G Suite Important Privacy Notice for more information.

Get started using Google+ at work or school

To get started, you need a Google+ profile. Your administrator can create a basic profile for you. Or, you can create it yourself. Either way, you'll want to add content to your profile to get the most from Google+ for work or school.

Create a Google+ profile

To create a Google+ profile:

  1. Sign in to your G Suite account.
  2. Click your username and Join Google+.
  3. Follow the instructions to add profile information, such as a profile picture, people, and facts about you.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Update your profile and pages. (See below.)

Update your Google+ profile and pages

To make sure Google+ works the way you do, add content to your profile. Learn how to edit your Google+ profile.

Change your Google+ profile name

If you can't change your Google+ profile name, you might need permission from your organization to use G Suite for work or school. Contact your administrator to request a name change.

Resources for getting more out of Google+

The following resources include tutorials and tips for creating a profile and using Google+:

Profile visibility and sharing

With Google+, you can limit your communication with people inside your domain. Or you can use Google+ to talk to people outside the domain.

What people can see

  • Your name is always visible to anyone with your profile URL.
  • Any photo or tagline you add is publicly visible. (You can’t restrict access to these fields.)
  • If you or your administrator entered your birth date, that's only visible to you. 

What you can control

  • Access to all other profile fields in your domain, and even to specific people within your domain.
  • Shared information and posts to people in your circles or organization are decisions you make.
  • Using your profile settings, you can choose what you share with your Google+ profile.
  • Visibility into many parts of your profile can be limited to certain people.
  • Change your profile settings at any time if you don't want Google and other search engines to index your profile.

Find out if you already have a Google+ profile

Your domain administrator can create a basic profile for you that includes your name and date of birth, but can’t change or add anything else. If they made one, you can sign in to your Gmail account and follow the instructions in your welcome email. 

You can also sign in to your Google+ homepage directly using the same username and password that you enter for Gmail or other G Suite services. If your basic profile appears, your administrator might have created it for you. If you didn’t get a welcome email, or if your profile doesn’t appear, you can create your own profile.

Take a tour of Google+ for more information.

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