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If you switched to the new version of Google+ on a computer, or if you’re on mobile, visit the new Google+ Help Center. This page is for the previous, classic version of Google+ and may be outdated.

Disable your album from being reshared on Google+

Resharing albums

When you share an album on Google+, those people you've shared the album with can reshare your album. If you'd prefer to not have your album reshared, you can disable reshares on Google+.

Disable your album from being reshared on Google+

You can disable the ability for other people to share your album by choosing Disable Reshare from the  dropdown. Once you have disabled the ability to reshare your album, others won't be able to reshare the album through +mentions or name tags.

Disable reshares from a post

After you have finished composing a new post, check the  Disable reshares box to disable resharing through +mentions or name tags.

Disable reshares from album view

  1. Choose Photos icon Photos from the Google+ navigation menu.
  2. Click on an album you'd like to disable resharing on.
  3. Choose Disable reshares from the More dropdown menu.

When you disable the reshare of an album, a few things happen:

  • New name tags created by others will become text tags. As the owner, you'll still be able to share your album when you add name tags to your photos.
  • No one will be able to +mention others in comments.
  • All Google+ posts about the album will also be locked, including posts created before the album was locked.
  • Any links that have been shared through the email notifications that Google+ sends or share via link will no longer provide access to the album.
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