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If you switched to the new version of Google+ on a computer, or if you’re on mobile, visit the new Google+ Help Center. This page is for the previous, classic version of Google+ and may be outdated.

Mention people in your posts

If you want to grab someone's attention when you share in Google+, try mentioning them using the '+' or '@' signs. When you do this, the person may receive a notification that you mentioned them in a post (depending on their notification settings.) They'll also be able to see the post which they were mentioned in, even if the post wasn't originally shared with them.

Mentioning people is particularly useful when you're on a huge post and you want to address someone specifically, or when you want to add someone to a post.

Note: You won't be able to mention someone in a comment if the original poster locks the post.

To mention someone in a post or comment:

  1. Type +[person's name] or @[person's name]. (You can also type their email address instead of their name.)
  2. As you type, an autocomplete list of people will appear.
  3. Select the person you want to mention.
You can only mention people who are on Google+. But you can share with people who aren't members yet by entering their email after the '+' or '@' signs.
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