Using your location in Google+

Add your location to a post
If you share a photo or album from your mobile device, you can choose to include a location in your post. The location can be seen in the "Photo details" section even if you have the "Show photo geo location information in newly updated albums and photos" setting turned off.

See posts related to your location
If you touch the Nearby filter on your Home page, we'll use your location to show you posts about things nearby or from people nearby. These posts may have been shared publicly or specifically with you by a Google+ connection. If you disable the Location setting in your device settings, you won't see any posts. Learn about Location reporting and settings here.

Geo location information for photos
When you upload photos to Google+, information about each photo is also saved, such as location where the photo was taken (accuracy may vary depending upon your provider), date the photo was taken, image dimensions, file name, file size, camera, focal length, exposure, F number, iso, camera make, flash (used or not used), and exposure bias. 

To change whether the location is shown, change your geo location settings.

Turn off Location services

You can turn off Location services on your device to disable features that use your location. Note: You may not be able to use other location features in apps like Google Maps while Location services are turned off.

Android Settings app > Location > toggle to OFF

app > Privacy > Location Services > toggle to OFF

Location accuracy

The location features in the Google+ app determine your location using available data sources, which may include GPS, WiFi (wireless network) or mobile ID (mobile mast) signals. For additional privacy information, please see the Privacy Policy.