How to use Google+ SMS

Make sure you have activated your phone for Google+ SMS.

Google+ commands

Posts are shared with your circles by default

To: Do this:
Share a post publicly Add +public to your post
Share a post with a circle Add +circle name to your post
+1 a post Reply +1
Comment on a post Reply with your comment
Turn Google+ SMS on or off Reply start or stop
Get help Reply help
SMS commands are now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Indonesian, and Thai.

Who can see your posts

Posts are shared with your Circles by default. Share with specific circles or people using the commands below:

Share with a circle

Add +circle name to your post.

"See you at the game! +family” shares only with your Family circle
+best friends See you at the game!” shares only with your Best Friends circle

Share publicly

Add +public to your post.

+public Any SF restaurant recommendations?” shares with everyone on the web

When you share something publicly, it may appear in search results.

Share with extended circles

Add +extended to your post.

"+extended Anyone else going to the beach this weekend?" shares with your extended circles

Sharing with a specific person

Add +email address to your post.

"Let’s finally book our trip to NYC!" will be visible only to

Mentioning someone in a post

Add both +email address and +circle name to your post.

“Plane was delayed, but and I arrived at NYC safely! +family” shares with and your Family circle

Receiving Updates

If someone shares a post with you or includes you in a comment, you’ll receive a notification via text (SMS).

  • To +1 the original post, reply to the text with ‘+1’.
  • To add a comment, reply to the text with your message.

Why am I receiving Google+ messages from multiple numbers?

Every post you make, comment you add, and conversation you have are unique. In order to keep these unique Google+ activities updated properly, you may receive updates from different numbers. Make sure you’re sending your updates to the correct SMS message before hitting send.

For help, to turn off, or to turn on SMS notifications, text your command (highlighted here in bold) to your operator code.