View tagged photos of you

 These instructions are for the newest version of the Google+ app for Android. Update your app

Name tags are links to your Google+ profile and allow you to see which photos you're in. If someone tags you in a photo, that tag will link to your Google+ profile. By approving a name tag, the photo will be added to the Photos of you section of your profile. You can add or remove your name tags at any time.

View tagged photos of you

To view photos tagged of you, open the  Photos app > touch the  Photos icon at the top left to open the menu > Photos of you.

Who added the photo?

To see who added the photo to Google+, touch the photo thumbnail to open it. The owner's name and profile picture will appear at the bottom left. Touch the icons at the bottom to +1,  share,  tag someone in the photo, or  comment on the photo. 

View all name tags

To view the names of the people tagged, touch the  tag icon at the bottom of the photo. The number next to it indicates the number of faces detected in the photo. A grey tag with a happy face on it means the person has been tagged; touch the tag to view their name. A blue tag with a ? question mark means a face has been detected, but not tagged. To delete a tag, touch the tag >  trash can icon.

Comment on a photo

To comment on the photo, touch the  comment icon at the bottom right of the photo. You can also +1, share, message, or email the photo, and more from the comment box.

Download a photo

To download the photo or set it as your Google+ profile picture, Android contact photo or wallpaper, touch the  menu icon/button > Set as.

Approve or remove a tag in the "Is this you?" section:

If someone tagged you in a photo, you may have some photos under the heading "Is this you?". To approve or remove these tags, touch the photo to open it. In the Is this you? box, touch Yes to approve or No to remove the tag. 

Remove a tag in the "Photos of you" section:

Touch the tagged photo to open it >  tag icon >  trash icon on the black tag under your face.