See who you've shared a post with

After you've shared a post, you can always go back to see who you shared it with. By looking at the post, you can tell if it was shared publicly, privately, with your extended circles, with your domain or only with you.

And if you'd like to change what you shared, you can edit or delete your post.

Change who you've shared a post with

You can't edit a post's sharing settings after it's been posted. But you can delete the post and share it again with different circles or people. Learn how to edit or delete your posts.

See who else can view a post that was shared with you

  1. Find the post that was shared with you. You can search for the post or scroll to find it on your homepage.
  2. Next to the name of the person who posted, you'll see "Shared publicly", "Shared privately", "Extended circles" or "Shared only with you". Alternatively, if you use Google+ through your company, you may see your domain name.
    • Shared publicly: Anyone can view the post.
    • Shared privately: The post was shared with specific people or circles. You may not be able to see all of the people who got the post.
    • Extended circles: The post was shared with the extended circles of the person who posted it.
    • Shared only with you: The post was only shared with you. No one else got it.
    • Your domain name: Only people in your domain can see this post.
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