View and filter your Home page with circles

When you first sign in to Google+, the screen you'll see is your Home Stream. Above your stream you'll see the All filter selected, which shows you posts that have been shared with you, a circle you're in, or the world. You can adjust the amount of posts you see from each of your circles:

On desktop

Click Home > a circle name at the top of the stream >  gear icon > Amount... to choose how often you'll see posts from this circle. To stop seeing all posts from this circle in your Home stream, uncheck the box next to "Show posts in Home stream."

In the Android app

Touch the drop-down menu at the top of your Home stream and select a circle >   gear icon.

  • Uncheck the box next to Show posts to stop seeing content from that circle in your Home stream
  • Touch Amount to control the frequency of posts from that circle in your Home stream
  • Check the box next to Notifications to be notified about new posts from that circle