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This page is for the previous, classic version of G+ and may be outdated. We will be updating this page in the next few weeks and will remove this banner when the page has been updated.

Síðan sem þú baðst um er ekki í boði á þínu tungumáli sem stendur. Þú getur valið annað tungumál neðst á síðunni eða þýtt hvaða vefsíðu sem er yfir á tungumál að eigin vali með innbyggðri þýðingastiku Google Chrome.

People suggestions and connections

On the your Home page, you may see suggestions for people you might know. Suggestions could be generated by:

  • Your mutual connections with people on Google products such as Gmail.
  • Interaction you’ve had with others on Google products.
  • The connected accounts you've linked on your Google Account.
  • The people who are in your extended circles.
  • Friends on external sites, when those friends have connected their accounts on their Google+ profiles.

To view or add suggested connections:

  1. Open Google+ or the Google+ app Google Plus.
  2. Click or tap Menu Menu
  3. Click or tap People .
  4. Click or tap the Find People tab.
  5. Under "Suggestions for you," next to the person's name, tap Add .

Note: You can't view or add suggested connections on the iPhone or iPad app. Please use a computer or mobile browser instead. 

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