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This page is for the previous, classic version of G+ and may be outdated. We will be updating this page in the next few weeks and will remove this banner when the page has been updated.

Die bladsy wat jy versoek het, is tans nie in jou taal beskikbaar nie. Jy kan 'n ander taal onderaan die bladsy kies, of enige webbladsy onmiddellik vertaal in 'n taal van jou keuse, deur Google Chrome se ingeboude vertaalbalk te gebruik.

People suggestions and connections


On the your Home page, you may see suggestions for people you might know. Suggestions could be generated by:

  • Your mutual connections with people on Google products such as Gmail.
  • Interaction you’ve had with others on Google products.
  • The connected accounts you've linked on your Google Account.
  • The people who are in your extended circles.
  • Friends on external sites, when those friends have connected their accounts on their Google+ profiles.

While viewing your suggestions, you can add suggested people by placing your cursor over the Add button next to their name and choosing a circle. If you don’t know a suggested person or if you don’t want to add them to a circle, mouse over the person's name and click the X.

You can view all of your suggestions at once by clicking View all.

Connection notifications

Did you get a notification that someone wants to connect with you on Google+? That means you've been added to a circle.

Anyone can add you to one of their circles, but that doesn't mean you have to add them back. Similarly, if someone adds you to a circle, that person isn't automatically added to one of yours.

To add someone from a notification:

  1. Click on the notification.
  2. Click the Add button next to their name.
  3. Choose an existing circle to add them to, or create a new circle.

If you choose to not reciprocate, people who aren't in your circles will only see content you post if you share it with your Public, and possibly your Extended circles. When someone adds you to a circle, it won't give them additional access to your profile information. It may, however, make it easier for that person to take actions that generate notifications for you -- like commenting on your posts or sharing with you directly.

You can always adjust your notification settings if you're receiving too many notifications. If you want to limit someone from interacting with you on Google+, you can block that person.

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