Report inappropriate content

If you come across a post or comment that violates our Content Policies you can report the abuse.

Reporting abuse on desktop

Report a post:

  1. Click the arrow  in the upper right of the post
  2. Click Report abuse
  3. In the pop-up window that appears, you can identify why you're reporting the post
  4. Once you’re done, a red flag will appear next to the post indicating that you’ve reported abuse. To undo the report, click the red flag.
Note: If there are multiple contributions to a post, a gray flag will appear beside each update after you click Report abuse. You can then select the specific contribution to the post that you’d like to report.

Report a comment

You can report a comment simply by hovering over the comment and clicking on the gray flag that appears.

If a comment on your post has been reported or removed for inappropriate content, you, as the post owner, have the ability to review the comment and decide if the comment should or shouldn't be restored. Comments which have been flagged will be grayed out but the text will still be readable.

To restore or remove a comment that has been flagged, just click the gray alert icon and choose Remove comment or Restore comment.

Reporting abuse on Mobile

Report a post

  1. Open a post
  2. On Android: Select  Menu > Report post
  3. On iOS: Select  > Report this post

Report a comment

  1. Open a post
  2. Tap on a comment
  3. On Android: Select Flag as inappropriate
  4. On iOS: Select  > Report this comment