Post, edit, or delete comments

Join the conversation by commenting on a post. Just click the Add a comment box at the bottom of the post you'd like to comment on.

Your comment will automatically be shared with everyone who can already see the post. This means that if someone shares a post with a circle, and you comment on that post, your comment will be visible to everyone in that circle.

Edit a comment on desktop

  1. Hover over and click Edit on the comment next to the date.
  2. Edit its contents.
  3. Be sure to click the Save Changes button when you're done.

Delete a comment on desktop

  1. Hover over a comment and click the X.
  2. Be careful when using the Delete comment button, you won't have a chance to retrieve your comment after you've clicked this button.
  3. A confirmation dialog will appear, click Delete to confirm.

Delete or edit a comment on Android

  1. Open a post
  2. Touch on the comment you'd like to delete or edit
  3. Select Delete comment or Edit comment

Delete a comment on iOS

  1. Open a post
  2. Long-press on the comment you want to remove
  3. Touch the gear  icon
  4. Select Delete comment
Note: Comment editing is not supported in the Google+ iOS app. Learn more about feature availability for Google+ based on device.