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Video call settings

You can change your device settings for video calls. Hangouts will automatically adjust other settings to give you the best video call experience.

  1. At the top right of your video call window, click the settings icon .
  2. Choose the setting you want to change or view:

The camera settings section is marked with the camera icon .

  • Select your camera device from the dropdown menu.
  • If your camera is working, you’ll see your video feed on the left side of the Settings window.

The microphone settings section is marked with the microphone icon .

  • Select your microphone device from the dropdown menu.

The speakers settings section is marked with the speaker icon .

  • Select your speakers from the dropdown menu. 
  • To test your speakers, click Play test sound.
Report additional diagnostics
To help improve Hangouts, check the box to opt in to send additional diagnostics to Google about how you use Hangouts.

Automatically adjusted settings

Hangouts will automatically adjust the following settings to give you the highest quality call possible on your network:

  • High-definition (HD) video
  • Bandwidth
  • Direct, peer-to-peer connection with the other participant

Hangouts On Air audio settings

Learn more about Audio Settings for Hangouts On Air

Voice: Optimizes your audio for voice conversation. Best for most people.

Studio: Provides higher fidelity audio. Best for people performing music in a Hangout On Air.

  • Download the latest Hangouts plugin.
  • Studio mode is experimental. If certain mobile or desktop users join, you'll automatically be switched to normal audio mode while they are in the Hangout.


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