Edit photos on a computer

Learn how to edit photos using the new Google Photos. This article is for Google+ Photos.

Basic edits

To get started, add a photo to Google+ and then click a photo to view it in full-screen lightbox view. Using the icons at the top, you can rotate, zoom in, crop or Delete delete your photo.

Advanced edits

Open a photo in lightbox view > click Edit to access these tools:

Tune image
Create depth and vibrancy by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows or warmth levels. You can also select from a range of different preset effects. After selecting a preset, use the controls available to fine-tune the result.
Tune parts of your photo without altering others by using control points. Each control point that you place automatically selects surrounding objects based on similar hue, saturation and brightness. For example, you might adjust the brightness of the sky without changing the beach in the foreground. 
Enhance the details and improve the sharpness of your photo. You can make adjustments manually or choose from a range of preset adjustments. After selecting a preset, use the controls available to fine-tune the result.
Remove distracting parts of your photo with standard aspect ratios or a free crop. Click Ratio to choose a crop aspect ratio. You can also rotate or straighten photos. Note: Changing the dimensions of your photo may also delete existing name tags on your photo .

Make your photo look like it was shot on vintage or expired film.

Add style with a customised effect specifically tailored to your photos, ranging from subtle textures to wildly artistic effects.

Black & white
Convert your photo to black & white, and choose styles ranging from vintage and grainy to modern and clean.

Use this tone-mapping tool to open up shadows and pull out details for a dream-like, evenly exposed image full of texture and life.

Make your photo look older with light leaks, scratches and different film styles.

Centre focus
Draw attention to the subject of your photo by adjusting the brightness of and blurring the surrounding background.

Create a narrow in-focus area designed to simulate depth of field, which can make a normal scene look like a toy set.

Add stylised borders to your photo for the perfect finishing touch.

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Troubleshoot: "The Photo Editor couldn't be loaded"
If you receive this error message, try resolving the problem using these steps:
Windows users
Photo Editor requires Windows 7 or later and the latest version of Chrome browser. Update Chrome if you're having trouble using Photo Editor on Windows.
Troubleshoot: Linux users
If you can't open the photo-editing tools, please try the following:
  1. In the Chrome browser URL bar, enter chrome://flags
  2. Find the "Override software rendering list" flag. Click "Enable" > "Relaunch Now" at the bottom of the page (this will restart all open Chrome windows).
  3. Launch the editing tools again.

These editing tools have been made possible by several open-source projects.