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If you switched to the new version of Google+ on a computer, or if you’re on mobile, visit the new Google+ Help Center. This page is for the previous, classic version of Google+ and may be outdated.

Block someone

If you want to stop someone from contacting you on Google+, you can block them. If you block someone, we’ll make these changes:

  • You won’t be in each other’s circles. You’ll be removed from that person’s circles, and they won’t be able to add you again unless you unblock them. They’ll also be taken out of your circles, including your extended circles.
  • They can’t see what you post. They won’t be able to see anything you post after you block them, or comments you leave on other people’s posts.
  • They can’t contact you on Google+ or Google Hangouts. They won’t be able to mention you in posts or comments, or add comments to anything you’ve already posted. But if a person you block knows your email address, they’ll still be able to send you email.

Important: Blocking only works if the person you’ve blocked is signed in to their Google account. For example, if the person you’ve blocked is signed in, they won't be able to see your public posts. But if they aren't signed in, they may be able to see those posts.

How to block someone

Tip: When you block someone through Google+, we won’t tell them. But since blocking someone changes how they can contact you, they may be able to figure out they've been blocked.

Android app
  1. Open the Google+ app Google+ icon.
  2. In the top right corner, touch the search icon .
  3. At the top of the page, use the search bar to find the person you want to block, then open their profile.
  4. Touch the menu icon/button  > Block > Ok.
  1. Open Google+.
  2. At the top of the page, use the search bar to find the person you want to block.
  3. Open their profile, then click the down arrow next to their name .
  4. Click Report/block [person's name].
  5. Check the box next to Block [person's name], then click Done in the lower right corner.
Mobile browser

You can’t block someone using a mobile browser just yet. Please use the Google+ app or a computer.

iPhone/iPad app
  1. Open the Google+ app Google+ icon.
  2. In the upper left corner, touch the menu icon , then touch the search icon near the top right corner .
  3. At the top of the page, use the search bar to find the person you want to block.
  4. Open their profile.
  5. In the top right corner, touch the gear icon  > Block.

See people you've blocked

If you want to see the people you’ve blocked, you can find a list in Google+.

Android app / Mobile browser / iPhone/iPad app
You can’t see who you’ve blocked on mobile just yet. Please use a computer instead.
  1. Open Google+.
  2. Near the top left corner, click the drop-down menu > People.
  3. Near the top center of the page, click Your circles .
  4. Near the top left corner of the page, click Actions > View blocked.

Tip: The list of people you've blocked in Google+ can also include phone numbers you've blocked in Google Voice.

How blocking affects other Google products and features

Google+ Communities

Communities help you find people who are interested in the same things you are. For example, a community may help you connect with other people who like food, music, or sports.

  • If you’re a member of a community that’s managed by someone you've blocked, they’ll be able to view and moderate what you post, but they can’t reshare, comment on, or +1 your posts. And you won’t see anything they share in the community.
  • If you manage a community that includes someone you’ve blocked, their content will be hidden from you. But you’ll have the option to view what they post so you can moderate it. You won’t be able to reshare, comment on, or +1 their posts.
Google Hangouts

When you block someone on Google+, you also block them in Hangouts. Google Hangouts let you send messages to other people and start video calls with them. Please visit our Hangouts Help Center to learn about blocking in Hangouts.

Tip: Blocks in Google+ that affect Google Hangouts can also affect Google Voice.

Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts lets you chat over live video with someone who can help you. For example, if your pet is sick, you can take a Helpout to talk to a veterinarian about your pet’s symptoms. Please visit our Helpouts Help Center to learn about blocking in Helpouts.

Hangouts on Air

Hangouts On Air are live video events broadcast through YouTube. If you’re in a Hangout On Air with someone you’ve blocked, you may be able to see each other, as well as each other’s names, Google+ profile picture, and any questions either of you post to the group.

What happens if someone you don’t know adds you to their circles

If someone is interested in what you share on Google+, they may add you to their circles, even if they don’t know you. They’ll only see what you share publicly, unless you add them to one of your circles, too.

If you don’t want someone to have you in their circles, you can block them using the steps in the “How to block someone” section of this article.

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