About the +1 button

+1 is how you signal your appreciation for anything that grabs your attention on Google+ or on your favorite websites. When you read a post that makes you want to cheer, +1 is your applause; when you watch a video that has you in stitches, +1 is your laughter; when you see a photo that perfectly captures that special moment, +1 is your 5-star review.

+1's on Google+

When you +1 a post on Google+, the creator of that post and the people the post was shared with can see your +1. The creator of the post will receive a notification that you +1'd their post. If the post was shared with people in your extended circles who also have you in their circles, they may also see your +1 in their streams.

To remove your +1, just click the +1 button again.

+1's outside of Google+

When you +1 something on a website, your +1 will be added to the total number of +1’s shown in the count. When someone who has you in their circles views content that you've +1'd, your +1 may be highlighted next to the +1 count. +1's are public, so a good rule of thumb is to only +1 pages when you’re comfortable sharing your recommendation with the world.

Once you've +1'd something on the web, you can share the content with your circles on Google+.

The +1 tab

All of your +1’s are collected in the +1 tab on your Google+ profile and will be public if you decide to show the +1 tab. You can choose which information you share on your profile.

To view this tab, visit your  Profile and click the +1 tab.

To delete items that you've +1'd, click the x to the right of the +1 summary. If you've shared the content that you +1'd, deleting your +1 from the +1 tab will remove your +1 from the content but will not delete your shared post on Google+.

+1s and shared endorsements

The Shared Endorsements setting  controls whether your friends see your name and face next to the +1 button in ads when they are looking at a product or brand you have +1'd. You can learn more about shared endorsements here.