Report inappropriate photos

There are three options for reporting inappropriate photos based on the image source. The image source is visible underneath each photo: either Panoramio, from a third party source, or photos from Google

Google Places - Report Inappropriate Photos

Panoramio photos:

To report an inappropriate Panoramio photo, you will need a Google or Panoramio account. The Report Inappropriate photo page will not show Panoramio photos. Instead, you will need to report these directly in Panoramio.

To report an image, simply click on the image thumbnail on Place Page. Under Flag photo, click inappropriate or offensive. If a number of unique users flag a photo, the Panoramio administrator will review the photo and take further action. You can flag a photo only once; repeated clicks are ignored.

Because thousands of Panoramio users participate in community moderation, inappropriate photos are often quickly identified and removed.

Third party photos:

To flag an image for removal, click the Report inappropriate photo link in the Photos section of the business listing. For any given page, you will only be able to report the photos that you see on that page. So, from the business’ Place Page, you will see at most 5 photos to report. On any of the “more photos” pages, you will be able to report inappropriate photos on a page-by-page basis (a maximum of 20 photos per page).

When we get your report, we’ll check whether the image complies with our Terms of Service, and we’ll remove it if necessary.

Alternatively, if you are the business owner and you find a photo that you don’t want on your Place Page, check to see whether it’s in your Google Places account. If it is, delete it directly from your Google Places account by clicking Remove underneath the image(s).

Photos From Google:

To report an image for removal, fill out the Google Places Removal Request form with your Google Places login, the URL of the photo, and the reason for review. Once we receive your request, our team will verify the report and remove the photo if it violates our guidelines. For your request to be appropriately processed, the information in your request form will need to match the information in your Places account.